AIPL GROUP is a strong believer in professionalism at work. Our expertise is based on our belief and this gives us assurance including:

 A technical and functional edge on the competition

 Faster development and start up

 Enhanced performance

 A better managed e-business infrastructure

 Reliability

 Security

 Effective operating environment

 Excellent quality and consistency

 Reduced turnaround time

 Significant cost reduction

 24X7 services deliver and more…

AIPL identified five disciplines of being a learning organization and they are:

 Personal responsibility, self reliance, and mastery — we accept that we are the masters of our own destiny. We make decisions and live with the consequences of them. When a problem needs to be fixed, or an opportunity exploited, we take the initiative to learn the required skills to get it done.

 Mental models — we need to explore our personal mental models to understand the subtle effect on behaviour.

 Shared vision — the vision of where we want to be in the future is discussed and communicated to all. It provides guidance and energy for the journey ahead.

 Team learning — we learn together in teams. This involves a shift from “a spirit of advocacy to a spirit of enquiry”.

 Systems thinking — we look at the whole rather than the parts. This is what AIPL GROUP calls the Fifth discipline. It is the glue that integrates the other four into a coherent strategy